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  • Contagion



    Second time watching this since 2012. It is amazing that a lot of what is being said in this film is being said now.

    'Social Distancing'
    'Stop touching your face'
    'A rule for them and one for us'

    Obviously the whole world isn't quite in as much turmoil as in here, but it still draws great comparisons.

    Forgot about a few of the plot developments in this one. Enjoyed the film immensely and will check out Burns' The Report next…

  • The New Pope

    The New Pope


    Poalo Sorrentino is a genius. He is a genius in his direction, pace, script, and character development. No one I know of can balance the balance the utter mundane and the hype exciting and give both an equal shot. For example, an under-running theme in this series is that of terrorism and it is given just enough screen time to remind us it's there, but never gratuitously.

    The New Pope's director, Sorrentino, has directed two of my all-time favourite films…

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Film Club #3
    7 People.
    Everybody really liked it. I was shocked at how my opinion has changed of it. Now one of my favourite horrors, hands down.

    (I listed the timing as 2hr40mins for a cut of the film 40mins too long than what I had. I didn't realise the mistake and had a few apologies as a result.)

    MVP: Nicholson and Kubrick, why only one film together??...

  • Clash



    Political films, especially modern political films, are brilliant. They are always made with such raw enthusiasm that you cannot help but become invested in the story they are telling, even if they do only tell the story in a one sided way. And then, you get the super-charged, ever relevant, political world cinema.

    Now I do not know enough about the Egyptian Uprising of 2013 to comment on it, but this is a film that deals entirely with that event,…