Possessor ★★★★★

Possessor. I have just finished it and honestly it is the freshest film I have seen since Parasite. Not based on anything, supremely original, and so confidently unique, I was enjoying the films experience whilst also genuinely not knowing where the plot may go. I will omit spoilers (obviously haha), but the film eschews the 3-part narrative structure and instead manages to capture a genuine epic in storytelling in just 108minutes. I felt exhausted after watching this as the pace and timing is played with by a director that knows how to keep the viewer engrossed whilst also keeping them guessing.

My standout aspect of the film (apart from the stupendous acting) is the cinematography. Borrowing shot elements from a dystopian industrial landscape and adding in a colour palette that creates depth in every shot, I simply could not look away. Each shot is one of three. A symmetrical shot with a zoom, a panning shot with handheld camera work, or an off-centre shot that keeps the focus to one side of the screen. This makes the film simply too exciting to look away, the camera constantly pulled me in.

There are also so many other elements to this film, such as the amazing and unique violence, the script, and the themes of modern day data-handling, but it will all take time for me to fully process. An 11/10 film.

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