Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★½

first off, this was fun and i love having fun!!!!!!! this was really well done, it was safe, there was nothing too incredibly monumentus, but it was all good fun. ned and peter’s friendship was very heartwarming and realistic, i loved them. i hope mj gets more screen time soon, that character has a lot of potential to be a part of the crew. i loved this peter, as there has been many lately. tom really grew into the role even since i watched civil war. i really thought he was a great fit, and i can’t wait to see him as peter in the future. overall, this was a great watch, i laughed many times and it was just a nice way to spend my evening. it wasn’t groundbreaking aside from casting actual people of color and not having them be token characters, so that’s something. anyways, tom holland is hot as hell and i’d like him to destroy my ***** ya know???

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