Crimson Peak ★★★½

Guillermo Del Toro as a director is a craftsman. Visually, his movies are strikingly beautiful. Crimson Peak takes that to the next level. It is like a painting come to life. It is the most beautiful haunted house I have ever seen. And, he has populated it with likeable actors, specifically the brother/sister team of Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain (who gives one of her better performances and has clearly established herself as one of Hollywood's very best leading ladies). Also, it's always good to see Deadwood and Supernatural veteran Jim Beaver get good parts in big movies. The biggest weakness is the story. Some people will be mighty let down by the "ghost" part of the ghost story. It devolves into a mild suspense thriller that one might find on Lifetime. But, if you aren't watching this movie for story, it meets and exceeds every expectation.

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