One Magic Christmas ★★★

This is an okay Christmas movie you can catch on netflix right now. It's about a mother who isn't in the Christmas spirit, so her young daughter teams up with a Christmas angel to win her over. It is anchored by a great performance by Mary Steenburgen as the mother. Without her, this movie would have been dead on arrival. She props up melodrama and cheesy dialogue with quiet dignity. This movie gets surprisingly dark for a family Christmas movie, and the only reason it doesn't fall apart is because Mary Steenburgen reacts so believably to it. Harry Dean Stanton plays the Christmas angel by way of street bum, and does an admirable job. It does have some hilariously inappropriate scenes between him and the daughter (like him popping up in her bedroom after the lights are out) that might just not have been so bad in the 80s before Catholic and Penn State scandals made us so aware of the relationships between adults and children. All in all, it is not a bad movie to spend time on, but there are better ones out there.