The Martian ★★★★½

Ridley Scott is my favorite director. Not every movie he makes is a great one. He swings hard and strikes out some of the time. But, when he connects, he hits homeruns. The Martian is a homerun. The story is told so enjoyably. The narrative is interesting and easy to follow. Matt Damon gives one of his best performances ever to make a stranded astronaut someone you care about and root for. That makes it a good movie. What makes it a great movie is that everyone else in the cast also give great performances. From Jessica Chastain and Michael Pena (who may have won 2015) to Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kristen Wiig and Donald Glover (who is only in maybe three scenes but absolutely nails them), every actor is perfectly cast and kills their parts. Seriously. one of the three best movies of the year.