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  • Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

    Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar


    This movie is a soul-douche.

  • Precious



    The only Daniels' film that manages the balance between emotional fantasy & harsh reality well, & he nails it. Monique is one of cinema's great monsters, & she's even shot like one, until the final scene when we're reminded of the broken humanity thrust upon her by a system out to destroy her. Every performance is impeccable; the classroom characters, in particular, jumped out at me this time around as a bit of real-life beauty, which gives Precious the grace she needs to recognize her inherent worth.

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  • The Heartbreak Kid

    The Heartbreak Kid


    It's crazy how much better this is than the Stiller tragedy; it's almost like the filmmaker's personality does matter & will shine through. In what is Grodin's funniest, most delightfully perturbed performance, he's painted as the complete idiotic scumbag that he is, instead of making him some pathetic victim-hero of a "broken society" like the obnoxious Farrelly version. Much like Arrested Development, the comedy depends on your ability to stomach (& even laugh at) corrupt, gaslighting narcissists. I loved it.

  • Clifford



    I remember this movie disturbing me when I would come across it on television as a kid. Now I see why: it’s a desperately awkward 90s curio, where 43-year-old Martin Short plays a CHILD named Clifford who is purely psychotic, as are all the adults in his life who clearly want to kill him. Still, the theme park ride ending kind of bops.

    BETTER ALTERNATIVES: Three Amigos, The Great Muppet Caper, Major Payne, Central Intelligence, Billy Madison

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  • Heavenly Creatures

    Heavenly Creatures


    It is not easy to successfully make a fantasy-biopic, but Jackson nails it with his visceral eye and personal tone. The true story of two young best friends whose relationship grows dark is a truly breathtaking breath of fresh air. The performances and script are funny, somber and disturbing, all the while managing to stay warm. Bold and brave, complex and horrifying, difficult and rewarding, Heavenly Creatures is cooler and angstier than a costume drama usually is.

  • Her



    “It makes me sad to think my feelings are just programming”. This line is spoken by a robot, yet speaks to the very core of our fears, our ticks, and our basic human condition. Her is remarkable in that sense: capturing our very essence through the guise of a sci-fi romance between a man and his Siri-like girlfriend. It touches on our fears of dullness, our searching for ways to fill the void, even our questions on what makes a…