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  • In the Heat of the Night

    In the Heat of the Night


    I’d like to nominate the moment when Tibbs slaps Endicott as the coolest moment in cinema history.

  • Blindspotting



    I think I expected this to be like a 21st century Boyz N tha Hood, but it’s not. Completely hilarious in its undeniable incisiveness, Blindspotting is more like a millennial “Friday”, only more poetic. Diggs and Casal are wonderful; their chemistry, which is the obvious drive of the film, is impeccable. Passionate and difficult, yet fully entertaining. A modern-day masterpiece.

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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    I’ve never been a big fan of these super-60s psychedelic comedies, but this one is especially smug and unfunny. Like the worst version of Monty Python, it’s a cacophony of failed parodic humor; I feel like the people who like this movie probably also think “1941” is underrated. Sure, Woody Allen’s bit has some fun slapstick elements, but it’s too little MUCH too late…and of course it wouldn’t be a Woody Allen project without some creepy older men being interested in underage girls…it’s the rule.

  • The Little Rascals

    The Little Rascals


    I gotta admit, for all the worth we put in actual filmic accomplishments, there's something undeniably pure about just liking something because you like it, the way a kid does. In that vein, there is 0 value in this movie; narratively, thematically, artistically, even humorously...that is, unless you're a kid...and maybe that's enough. It certainly was for me in 95, and I guess some of that Goodwill has stuck around for 25 years.

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  • Her



    “It makes me sad to think my feelings are just programming”. This line is spoken by a robot, yet speaks to the very core of our fears, our ticks, and our basic human condition. Her is remarkable in that sense: capturing our very essence through the guise of a sci-fi romance between a man and his Siri-like girlfriend. It touches on our fears of dullness, our searching for ways to fill the void, even our questions on what makes a…

  • The Castle

    The Castle


    Here’s a shocker! Haneke makes a frigid cold mystery that is, while intriguing, too ambiguous and dry to really grasp onto. It’s not a disaster; there is some uniqueness to the plotting and some funny-ish characters, but nothing to stave off the boredom. In one scene, the main character is fighting off falling asleep while another character drones on. Sadly, I could relate.