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  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild


    Damn that 20th Century Studios logo looks wierd and idk why.
    Anyways, this movie is just meh.

  • Hair Love

    Hair Love



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  • Parasite



    So a few months ago I did watch Parasite but held off writing a review because it needed a second viewing. I did know I loved it but after seeing it in cinemas this past weekend was something truly special.
    Parasite is now one of my favourite film and I do not see that changing any time soon. Bong Joon-ho crafted a movie that subverters your expectations from left and right but does not make it seem forced like in…

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    "Does he look like a bitch?"

    This movie is phenomenal!!! Everything on this film is crafted so well.
    From the conversations between Jules and Vincent about Fast Food to the dance scene with Vincent and Mia.

    Easily my favourite character is Vincent Vega (John Travolta). His character is amazing and easily in my Top 3 favourite Tarantino characters (with Mr Pink and Aldo Raine).

    The scene where Brett keeps saying, "Why?" to Jules and Vincent had me laughing to death in my seat.

    Overall this movie is phenomenal and I can't wait to rewatch it!!!