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  • Atonement


    the sets the scenery cinematography costumes were all gorgeous but i was so MAD the whole movie briony u little fucking BITCH ruined it for me

  • Ashik Kerib

    Ashik Kerib


    this was like watching a film interpretation of a play’s interpretation of a piece of music’s interpretation of a painting’s interpretation of a folktale. i loved it

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    i hated this movie on a PROFOUND level. what the fuck is wrong with u ppl.
    okay so it’s been a few days so here is why i hated this movie. 
    taxi driver is literally just a straight white man’s revenge fantasy—sure, u can argue nuance or even why that is interesting to watch—but it comes off SO heavily misogynistic and racist and i could not enjoy a second of it. travis hates the ‘scum’ of new york. surprise surprise,…

  • In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World


    maybe it’s just bc i dont watch enough animated media but i thought the animation style of this was such a perfect mix of suzu’s art showing up in their real world but still maintaining a dif animation style.. idk but it was very.. rounded n all the symbols and stylistic elements came back to be tied up w the ending... a nice composition i think ): a touching story within a tragedy