Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Continuing to really enjoy the MCU Spider-Man movies. This one starts off a little shaky, not unwatchable but just kind of "oh this is gonna be kind of a wash" but when the obvious reveal happens it kicks into high gear and has a LOT of fun.

This movie RESPECTS IRON MAN THREE, thank god. To the point of being a little derivative of Iron Man Three? But I'll take it. The action and visuals are surprisingly great (in the last hour) and when the humor works it's spot on. When it doesn't, it's terrible (they were so proud of "Peter tingle") but that's not too often.

These movies really focus on ground level stuff that makes the "living breathing superhero world" idea work so much more vividly than in something like Infinity War where every character is a superhero and every set is a soundstage.

Some extremely good choices being made in the background of this thing, and though it leans HARD on the Tony material, at least there's so much Spider-Man out there right now that it's ok if one version is a little overly reverent to Disney IP.

Best MCU movie of the year, hands down.

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