Heaven Knows What ★★★½

A rough-and-tumble parallel to the other druggie film of the year, Animals, where the pressures of their lifestyle and economy would affect their relationship; instead Heaven Knows What has little-to-no real highs and effortlessly relates the grime and despicable nature of a junkie life to that of a dysfunctional relationship of unrequited love. Beginning with a woman desperate to end her life for a hope of just some recognition and ending with a similar lonesome journey despite surrounded by like-minded people in the same struggle, there is no moment of comfort or "Heaven" reachable, even the moments of random surprise quickly fade into their hustles for numbness, even their entertainment is purely heavy metal and horror films. Any kind of hope would be either too much or seem like fantasy.

So well-observed and uncompromising to any semblance of form to reflect their lives, this plays like a modern-day Panic in Needle Park, and with the representation from the lead actor/writer whose book this is based on, is boldly unafraid to expose the depraved circumstances herein.