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  • KatieBird* Certifiable Crazy Person

    KatieBird* Certifiable Crazy Person

    This movie had some very warped potential.  I think the director’s constant use of split and multiple screens was his way to convey to the audience that as a director he truly sucks his own balls and has a remarkable talent for turning a potentially sick film in to an unwatchable piece of shit.

  • 6 Models in Hell

    6 Models in Hell



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  • Bad Bush

    Bad Bush


    Bush realllg hasn’t been featured in film much since the 70’s so I thought this would be a nice retro piece but there is no bush at all in this flick.  Besides that it was mildly entertaining.

  • Amber Alert

    Amber Alert

    Spend over an hour in a car with two annoying  screeching douche bags.   Good times.