• When Harry Met Sally...

    When Harry Met Sally...


    😭😭 It had to be you! ♥️ Romantic & funny af.

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    A movie that’s close to perfection! Entertaining AF. I highly recommend this flick! (Try to watch in theaters!) The only complaint I can think of is it's very "by the numbers" for an action flick, but it's done so well you don't even mind.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    Jeepers Creepers


    It’s just not as scary for me when the monster drives a van. Like does he also have car insurance? Does he always use his blinker? How does he not get spotted as a monster while he’s at the gas station? It’s just a weird concept to me.
    The disturbing “Sistine Chapel” part is by far the freakiest & coolest part of this flick! 😱

  • Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising


    Glad she is no longer staying silent!  ♥️ Love Evan Rachel Wood & have looked up to her since I was a preteen. That’s MY GIRL do not RAPE MY GIRL!!! Powerful men think/know they can abuse others with no repercussions. 

    (Make sure to watch the ending credits)

  • Texas Chainsaw 3D

    Texas Chainsaw 3D


    Only watch if you like cheesy horror flicks! It’s fun and bloody & one of my favorite guilty pleasures! And good reuse of the red shorts includes the music (sounds like something rubing on rust) probably a violin? If anyone knows the background on the Texas Chainsaw Theme music/sound please comment!  And let’s be honest Alexandra Daddario IS SO HOT! 🔥 Her, those eyes and just how hot she looks in a lot of these scenes is reason enough to watch it in my opinion! Love her! 

    “Do your thing cuz!” 🤣😂

  • Pariah



    That POEM at the end! 😭😭 Highly recommend.

  • Heartbreakers



    Easily one of the best rom-coms! Look at this CAST! This movie is genuinely endearing and funny while still managing to be pretty sexy!

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    I’m really happy I was able to first see this in theaters. I’m also super grateful that I only knew the bare bones of the premise. I knew it included romance, racial tensions, and is a musical. I never saw the first one, so I’m happy I got to be surprised and loved the music, dancing and wardrobes! 

    I will admit I cried a couple tears and since it’s a romance that really can’t be a spoiler. ♥️🍿

  • To Die For

    To Die For


    I really enjoyed this! A lot of the pathos in this film has actually become more relevant and poignant than they were when this was released. I love it when that happens! And all the cast is phenomenal.

  • The Alpines

    The Alpines


    Impressively Unique! 
    I gave this low budget flick another chance and decided that it’s super entertaining to me. Their real life emotional baggage is actually scary. We all know jealousy and betrayal can easily get you murdered. I was highly entertained and it’s for anyone who enjoys thrillers!

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Lame. I want my time back!

  • Trick 'r Treat

    Trick 'r Treat


    Since this is a horror anthology it is right up my alley! Even if that’s not your thing this movie has a great eerie tone, is fun and has some extremely sexy scenes! 🔥