Shaun of the Dead ★★★★½

The 4K print of Shaun of the Dead was a greater improvement than Hot Fuzz, likely because of the three-year gap and greater acclaim this film receives from film fanatics. The picture's sharpness really heightens the dirt and grim of Shaun. Nick Frost looks especially gross throughout the film, and the gore looks more grotesque. The 5.1 audio mix is still a measurable improvement, but I found myself more enwrapped in this print's visuals.

Edgar Wright ties music to image better than any other filmmaker. The jukebox sequence is off the chain. The soundtrack for all three of The Cornetto Trilogy films is undoubtedly a strength.

It is insane how different Rafe Spall looks in Shaun of the Dead. His weight loss journey from 2004 to 2007 must have been insane.

With the amount of casting carryover, I'm surprised many of the core players never appeared in another Cornetto film. What happened to Kate Ashfield?

Shaun of the Dead is still my least favorite of the three films, but it's largely because of the genre. If I am going to watch a zombie film, it's Shaun of the Dead. Overall, the genre does not do it for me.