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  • What Have They Done to Your Daughters?

    What Have They Done to Your Daughters?


    Not quite to the level of Solange, but this similarly bleak giallo by the same director (and sharing 3/4 of the same name) was also similarly f*cked up and has probably even more gore while managing to be somehow sleazier than the aforementioned film...so yes this film was a fun watch as well no doubt.

    The score was great and gave the film an odd tone when paired with the brutal killings, but it was an odd tone that worked…

  • Call Northside 777

    Call Northside 777


    My interest piqued for this dramatic film when I found out it was based in a true story...the plot stayed pretty reliable to the real story as well, and the story itself is perfect for a crime-drama Jimmy Stewart vehicle...needless to say I found myself super invested in this thing! 

    James Stewart is one of my favorite classic Hollywood actors and he was splendid here. His character arc did a complete 180 and he pulled it off seamlessly. The film…

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  • Leave Her to Heaven

    Leave Her to Heaven


    Wow what a movie!! Gene Tierney was great (and convincing) as the crazy evil wife, Jeanne Crain was terrific as her sister (I got hype when she finally called Gene out in the third act, gave it to her straight, it was awesome) and visually the film was beautiful and stimulating. Tierney’s eyes and lips straight up popped in the technicolor, as did Crain’s, and the whole film had a sort of ‘pop’ to it.

    Even Cornel Wilde was great…

  • Red-Headed Woman

    Red-Headed Woman


    Bravo, Jean Harlow. What a show she put on here...as possibly the craziest woman depicted in the pre-code era. She dripped sex appeal and insanity, and I loved it (that is what I foolishly tend to gravitate to in women). 

    Red-Headed Woman has an ending which would never be allowed during the hays code’s tyrannical rule over Hollywood in the following years, and honestly, almost everything that this film represents and performs would not be allowed under the code. For this…