Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★½

I got pretty much exactly what I expected, if not a little more. The reason it’s at all better than other superhero movies (all scripts are either Deadpool or a PG-13 Deadpool at this point) is the visual style, which is up to hype. This is easily the most well-animated movie this year, and stands out in the history of animation for its creativity. It’s a real delight to watch.

Ps: John Mulaney’s cadence is so naturally funny that I was covering my mouth giggling for most of his dialogue, intended to be a joke or not.

Final note: as I was leaving the theater, I heard someone saying to their friend (I’m bitterly alone at the theater) “second best movie this year! Behind avengers of course,” and I involuntarily scoffed. I’m pretty sure according to the rules that means I’m a bad person.

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