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Hello, there! My name is McNeill Mullikin. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by movies. I realized this when I was five years old…

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  • Inception



    Score: 10/10

    “They say we only use a fraction of our brain’s true potential. Now that’s when we’re awake. When we’re asleep, we can do almost anything.” - Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio)

    Inception is my favorite movie of all time. Christopher Nolan is my favorite director of all time, and he made this movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor of all time, and he stars in this movie. Science-fiction and thriller are my favorite genres, and Inception is both…

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  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    Score: 7/10

    Mission: Impossible Marathon 2 - Part I

    Earlier this year, at the very beginning of quarantine, my family and I marathoned the Mission: Impossible movies. Mission: Impossible is one of my family’s favorite movie series, so I am not surprised they are requesting to watch these again. I am completely fine with it because they are incredible movies with amazing action. Plus, Tom Cruise is awesome in these movies because his character, Ethan Hunt, is a really cool…

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


    Score: 7.5/10

    Harry Potter Marathon 2 - Part IV

    After my rewatch tonight of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I have decided that I am going to keep my score the same for this movie. I am rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies. I marathoned them for the first time earlier this year, and I was curious to see if my thoughts would change on this film after this rewatch. Ultimately, I feel the same about this…

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  • Sweet Home Alabama

    Sweet Home Alabama


    Score: 1/10

    I really like Reese Witherspoon as an actress in general, but this movie sucks...

  • Girl, Interrupted

    Girl, Interrupted


    Score: 9/10

    I had been interested in watching Girl, Interrupted for a while because I liked the cast, and I like James Mangold as a director from the movies I’ve seen of his. After watching Girl, Interrupted, I can safely say that James Mangold is becoming one of my favorite directors, though I was already very interested in the movies I had already seen from him. From Walk the Line to Ford v Ferrari to Logan to Girl, Interrupted, the…