Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★½

- bangin soundtrack
- obvs that ending. brad pitt high on acid while his dog goes ham on them and the damn flamethrower. the catharsis!!! and the fact You Keep Me Hangin On was playing in the background the whole time! yes 
- brad pitt shirtless on a roof
- the little girl actor? the power she holds... 
- and uh that’s it. that’s what i enjoyed and it was mostly brad pitt. as it should be ! 

- roman polanski. no. 
- what the fuck was going on half the time? nobody fuckin knows. couldn’t understand half the things anybody was saying. it’s bradley cooper in a star is born all over again
- lena fucking dunham. what the fuck. got so fuckin annoyed when i saw her cunt face SOZ but she just pisses me the fuck off. appropriate she was cast as one of the “dirty hippies”
- so many unnecessary scenes!! and unnecessary... feet shots my god. this movie did not have to be over 2 hours long, Tarantula jeez!!!!

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