28 Days Later

28 Days Later ★★★★½

Afterthoughts: Commonplace in Danny Boyle's filmography, is a mise-en-scène stuffed with clutter, dirt and grime, which clings to his rooms, streets and characters. In 28 Days Later..., Boyle's Britain is a desolate wasteland, boasting now-famous shots of a creepy-calm London, absent of the rustle and bustle, yet abundant with consumerist waste. Product placement is almost a character in itself in the opening 20 minutes, which simultaneously addresses our materialistic indulgence and probably finances the film.

The usual frenetic camerawork and editing is on display, as Boyle places his cameras at obscure canted angles, uses an assortment of lenses, distorts or reflects his actors, and cuts the action in rollercoaster mode with its varying tempos.

This is gritty British horror at its finest, emphasised by the rage-ridden killers that are scarier than any 'zombie' ever previously put on film.

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