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This review may contain spoilers.

“Why is everyone so ready to believe the worst is over?”

-I found this to be Dakota Johnson at her most convincing. Her transformation (or ascension?) was believable and fun to watch. I still felt that her performance lacked something. Mia Goth as Sara was the real standout. I couldn’t stop watching her in every scene she was in and found something really captivating about her performance.
-Thom Yorke’s score was great. I liked how it switched between atonal/ambient sounds to really melodic, beautiful songs. I felt that it captured the spirit of the original Goblin soundtrack while also doing its own thing. As much as I liked the score, I wasn’t always sure of Guadagnino’s use of it. There were some places (the climax in particular) in which I didn’t feel like the music matched the tone of the scene.  It was hard to really care when the music was so good, though. 
-I had to cover my eyes a few times during this movie and it had everything to do with its visceral depictions of the human form. Breaking bones and contorted bodies were juxtaposed with dance movements that looked like injuries in themselves and the combination made for a truly unsettling viewing experience!
-I loved the fashion and aesthetics of this movie. Though I’m still partial to the bright colors and over the top camp of the original, I found the muted colors and subtle silhouettes of the movie’s fashion to be really visually interesting as well.
-There’s a lot I haven’t covered about the film’s themes as well as its setting in Cold War Berlin. I feel like I need to watch the movie again or take some more time to think about what Guadagnino was trying to say. I also feel like I need to rewatch the original. Regardless, this was one of the most intense and inspiring movies I’ve seen in awhile and definitely one of my top horror picks of the year.

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