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    You go to cinema club to meet new people and maybe make a friend or two. Watching a movie you had no intention of watching just comes as an appreciated addition. Sometimes you enjoy the film, often times you find it okay but you never think youd discover your new fav movie. 
    So it was no doubt, surprising when i left the movie feeling that moved. 
    It had been more than half a year after my first watch when i…

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    the only memory i have from 2010 is throwing up after watching this movie.

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver

    mediocre at best unwatchable at worst.... i really have a hard time understanding what is so great about this film, so much so that i now am convinced that i have watched some other film than everyone else. i liked the score, the editing, the cinematography and the acting. also iris' sunglasses. but thats about it. it felt like the film lost its focus at random times and some scenes dragged on with no purpose. and i wonder what makes this film so revolutionary, when there are dozens of work that are about the same man. "critiquing" society the same way.

  • The Dreamers

    The Dreamers


    i sure do not enjoy incest! lol