Hellraiser ★★★

despite being the twinkiest Hellraiser, this needed to be way hornier. Hellraiser movies work better when they're about getting a bit carried away with your kink* than when they're about some monkey's paw thing, or owning the cenobytes with facts and logic

Makeup and practical effects were as great as everyone's saying, and Bruckner had a solid handle on the dreamscape spatial stuff I hoped he would from his last movies. would of course prefer if this had some of the original's disrespectability (too much lore, no puppets,) but I realize that's just not on the menu for a Hulu Streaming Exclusive

*I did like Pinhead explaining to the Italian guy “sorry, you told us you were into some freak shit so we put an accordion in your chest. we didn’t realize you just meant wanting to get jacked off in Hell”

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