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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    In a brief prologue set in 1958, two summer camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, named Barry (Willie Adams) and Claudette (Debra S. Hayes), sneak away from a camp fire sing-along to have sex. Before they can completely undress, an unseen assailant sneaks into the room and murders them both.

    The film moves forward to (the present) Friday June 13th; a young woman named Annie (Robbi Morgan) enters a small diner and asks for directions to Camp Crystal Lake, much…

  • Friday the 13th Part 2

    Friday the 13th Part 2


    Two months later after Crystal Lake's brutal massacre, Alice (Adrienne King), wakes up after dreaming about Mrs. Voorhees' decapitation. She talks on the phone to her mother, then she takes a shower and decides to boil the kettle. When she opens the fridge, she finds Mrs Voorhees' severed head, before being stabbed in the head with an ice pick by a unidentified assailant.

    Five years later, a group of young adults have come to Crystal Lake to attend a counselor…