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  • Joker



    One of the stranger movies to get a studio green light in recent years, Joker places the mythic comic book supervillain in the real world--New York/Gotham circa 1981--and gives us an origin story that is violent and depressing and messy and legitimately plausible.

    We recognize objectively that Joker (as a comic book character) is a bad guy, but he's always distanced enough from reality and from us that it never really gets under our skin. It never feels real. His…

  • Savage Streets

    Savage Streets


    Equal parts fun, fascinating, and grueling, Savage Streets does deliver on the promise of the crossbow and offers some legit good revenge moments. Linda Blair is a lot of fun as a scenery chewing bad girl. The rape scene is really tough. It justifies a lot of what follows and doesn't treat it merely as a plot point but as a truly terrible action by the villains. But is so brutal that the movie stops in its tracks and only narrowly recovers from the brutality of that with the exploitation violence that follows. Still, its a fun watch overall and I love the crazy high school.

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  • Dogville



    Lars von Trier: Knock knock.
    Me: Who's there?
    LvT: Sadness.
    Me: Sadness, who?
    LvT: I hate America.

  • The Seventh Victim

    The Seventh Victim


    Hoop-tober! 2.0 screening - No. 04
    also Night Movies noir screening - No. 32

    A strange, sinister and ultimately melancholy descent into urban loneliness and despair, The Seventh Victim is really unlike any other movie from this era, even the other films in the Val Lewton cycle. Where movies like I Walked with a Zombie or Cat People were unsettling by the realization of the supernatural world invading the physical world, The Seventh Victim actually slowly removes the supernatural altogether…