Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero ★★★★★

It’s not just that Schwarzenegger is a wonderful comic actor with amazing screen presence and impeccable timing, it’s also that he’s absolutely committed to poking holes in his own public image for the sake of the laugh. The whole interaction between him and Slater (his movie alter ego) is one of my favorite confrontations.  Thank goodness the 90s gave us both a Schwarzenegger and a Last Action Hero because it goes without saying that this movie could not and would not exist now. We need a movie like this that still treats the movies like they matter and the theater as a dying place where dreams flicker across a screen. 

It’s sad that audiences at the time whiffed on this because it’s so of-the-moment that there’s aspects of it that I wonder if a modern day Danny could even relate. Anyway, the film is stuffed with interesting details and hilarious moments throughout. The soundtrack kills and the action and humor are perfectly choreographed. Perfect use of cameos as well. An all-timer, for me.

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