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This review may contain spoilers.

Park Chan-wook always makes me dumbfounded. Lesbians trying to get freedom from abusive mens and all? Wow

How can they make such script be absurd and amazing at the same time? How can Park Chan-wook compose those storyboard into a soothing yet beautiful visuals and transitions? How he direct the fast paced speed dialogue yet intelligible?

Damn, all about those movies are outstanding. I always have no idea how they come into build a plot with such "basement" in it. Whats wrong with Korean and basement or secret rooms anyway?

What makes this movie got 4 by me not perfect 5 is because the amount of the sexual scene in it. Im a straight and healthy but its just so disturb me if there are a lot of sexual scene in a movie. I love all kind of disturbing scenes except sexual scene. Its definitely always comes into my own personal judgement and taste, right.

But still, 4 and I love it.