Drive ★★★★★

The colours and the cinematography were perfect, the tone and atmosphere was great, the story was compelling and left me screaming 'what the fuck' in my head, and the fucking soundtrack was unbelievable. 

Also Oscar Isaac is so underrated he's so good in literally every movie I've ever seen him in. He was supposed to be this kind of Mexican archetype who goes to prison and is a deadbeat dad in this movie but his performance really elevated a character that could've easily been portrayed as stereotypical. He literally such an amazing actor, he can play a loner, a fucking psycho, a loveable pilot, a super villain mutant and a myriad of more. There's something about him I find that whenever I watch a scene with him in it, except for like the Star Wars movies, there's always like this underlying tension/feeling that he could burst at any second, and I'm always waiting for it to happen. I don't even know if he's doing that on purpose. He's unreal. Anyways I love Oscar Isaac :-)

Also Ryan is king of movies set in LA.

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