The Northman

The Northman ★★


Eggers brings his contained horror style (minus the horror) to this movie and I feel like that's where one of it's biggest faults lie. In spite of being visually stunning, filled with great performances especially Anya Taylor-Joy; the movie just feels too contained and empty. When a movie is a lot of waiting for things to happen the movie has to fill that time with something interesting, something to care about, but this has basically nothing to fill that void... Without anything to fill that void it wasn't able to make me care. This is where The Witch and The Lighthouse won me over, all three of these movies are (mostly) contained to a single place and have a lot of time between big events happening but Eggers former two movies fill that time with a feeling of tension, a sense of surrealism and far more interesting of characters.

Without having those things (or other things) to fill that time it just ends up feeling dull and lacking substance.

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