Gemini Man ★★

The best description of Gemini Man I can give is that it’s a film that looks good on paper but ends up incredibly sloppy on execution. This is a film that has languished in development hell for 20 years, just waiting for the time when technology is going to catch up to its grand vision. And boy does it show in the final product. Will Smith plays both an aging government hitman, and his younger clone who is sent by the villain to kill him. Smith does a good job playing both versions of his character and the rest of the cast is also pretty good. The action scenes are neat and well choreographed, even though it doesn’t feel fresh or unique. And the de-aging technology used to bring young Will Smith to life is very good and even stands up to the nonsensical 120 FPS director Ang Lee shot this film in. However, the technology doesn’t hold up in the last 5 minutes, where it looks strikingly awful. Another awful aspect of this film is its dialogue. It’s really bad, it’s really dated, and it sounds incredibly awkward coming out of everyone’s mouths. But the real downer of the film is the story. It doesn’t offer anything new to the sci-fi table, which is made even worse because it’s written like it’s the “smartest” and “deepest” narrative ever written. Well, it’s not. It’s lame, stupid, and bad. Overall, Gemini Man is a film that is far less important than it makes itself out to be. While it boasts impressive de-aging technology and has good performances, the story and horrendous dialogue really bring the entire film down.

SIDENOTE: High frame rate is bad and has always been bad. It didn’t work in the Hobbit films and it sure doesn’t work here.