Annihilation ★★★★

Pacing was really great - never dropped into that frantic action movie bang bang bang. 

I often enjoy these sort of mystical sci-fi things where a mysterious thing has happened and various theories are suggested throughout the film, but reassuringly it’s never spelled out for you, giving us plenty to chew on and talk about. 

Or you can do what I seem to often do and let it wash over me, and be fine with never totally, ‘grokking’ it (Extra sci-fi cred if you know who invented that word). The explanation from the physicist did the job for me. Engaging full brain power I guess you could see it as an allegory of climate change and a super nature, indifferent to human. Progressing without us - that’s a pretty easy one right?

All the actors did a great job, and nicely avoided overdoing the macho team, in peril being picked off - can’t help thinking that a male only team would’ve changed that dynamic. 

Only small gripe would be that if everything was evolving like mad then the insects would’ve been fucking massive and a huge pain in the arse.