It Follows ★★★★½

I have a fairly rudimentary knowledge of the horror genre and for a long time wrote it off based on the shittiest examples that I'd come across. Fair to that this is a very long way from shitty. It grabbed me straight away with the synth heavy score that gave everything plenty of space. Space pregnant with tension. But more than that, it also had a saturated contrast heavy visual style that ramped up the hyper-reality of it. Throw in the languid camera work, and I was hooked.

Loved the fact that the characters weren't stupid people doing stupid things, but we pretty level headed and the performances from everyone were convincing and tight.

Some especially lovely imagery in the swimming pool shots, and all throughout the little half-seen things in the periphery were a delight to watch.

A theme of an ever present terror transmitted through sex, is one that could do with a clever person than me to examine.