Lonely Are the Brave

Famously, Kirk Douglas considers this his best movie, and I see why. There are good omens when the credits come up and you see the names Walter Matthau, Gena Rowlands and George Kennedy (who you can roll the dice with you get ornery bad guy or goofy big dope - both turns are great)

Having recently watched Trumbo - it was intriguing to see his screenwriting in action - an boy was it good.

There was a palpable melancholy for a passing age of freedom and discovery of the West with literally the juggernauts of development and consumerism. It was clear from the off, with great opening scene of a jet plane overhead while the cowboy wakes up. The theme followed through with the hubris of the helicopter pilot.

Real tension in the scenes scrabbling up the mountain and the elation I felt at the outcome was pretty quickly brought down the earth with the final payoff - which itself had a great little twist.

Top work all round.