The Broken Circle Breakdown ★★★

A problem I have with lots of films is the ignoring of the basic reality of making ends meet that is a part of everybody’s lives. In lots of films it’s not a problem, but in this it really intruded for me.

This lovely idyllic, romantic life bubbling on without any visible means of support save some livestock than never need attending to, and gigs to twenty people was a big distraction for me. 

In a film about relationships and grief, it’s more of a problem to skirt around this domestic stuff. 

The country stuff was also an anomaly , since it never tackled the incongruity of this guy really living it and how that fits with an agrarian Belgian life. Got no sense of place. Harmonies. At a funeral? Purleasse. 

Now that I’ve taken a big dump on it, there were some good things. I liked it when it got a bit more domestic, and concentrated on the relationships; it was rather good then. - just wish it concentrated on them.

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