The Garden ★★½

I try to steer clear of film studies reviews of things till after I've seen an 'important' film, which I suspect this might be. I've heard and seen it mentioned over the years and I've no doubt there are plenty of essays about it.

Coming to it armed with only my blunt critical tools, I found it very patchy.

I'm cool with fairly abstract soundscapes and visual compositions and this delivered plenty of those throughout. They were punctuated by lots of baffling scenes that I could guess a little bit about.

I think that the title signposts that the Garden of Eden is the starting point and then there's plenty of religious imagery and what I can only guess are allegories. The problem being that things weren't arresting enough for me to really care. Maybe all those critical studies essays would enhance one's enjoyment, but I don't want to do homework.

There was just about enough for me to get something out of it, but also the lingering resentment of this type of stuff. I'm glad more challenging work is out there as I'm sure it's good that it exists, but I'm also glad that I don't have to watch it.

Now I can go and read the reviews from cleverer people.