Heat ★★★★★

Heat (3 views)

Plot : A lonely heist mastermind (DeNiro) is looking to quit his lifestyle of risky and violent robberies - though his exit becomes much harder with a cop who's strongly dedicated to his work (Pacino).

Story : The movie starts with a very professional style robbery headed by DeNiro , but a newcomer Waingro messes it up and shoots the innocent cops. With these murders on their record they draw the attention of Pacino who you discover is very dedicated to his job. The story is executed flawlessly , introducing small time characters as well as developing the major ones slowly. Al Pacino is a lot of fun in this movie - going insane on criminals and telling people that he's actually "Donald Duck". The whole iconic feeling of these two huge actors is easy to forget about once your sucked into their actual characters and motivations - which is just another reason for their appearance in one scene together more iconic.

Visuals : This is a visually beautiful film , especially for an action film - where visuals are a high standard. The bank heist is an extremely memorable scene because of it's amazing destruction of the environment : though there was this one hilarious continuity problem where Pacino is about to shoot his rifle and then it appears somewhere else when he shoots - but that's a very minor thing.

Synopsis : A great reason for Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro to be in the same film - everything else lives up to their incredible acting : and makes for one of the best action movies of all time.