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  • An Angel for Satan

    An Angel for Satan


    Steele's last Italian horror movie and it doesn't disappoint. She flawlessly transitions from doe-eyed innocence to deviously demonic (her iconic trademark, IMO), becoming possessed by a seductive sorceress witch lady who controls people with her mind and vampy ways. A true inspiration, really. Can't wait to add that hair-biting mirror scene to my 2016 Spring Looks pinterest board.

    Anyways, a definite must-watch if you worship at the altar of Steele like I do.

  • Sicario



    Stunningly shot, solid acting. Really enjoyed the score. However, I thought it was super predictable. The Red Herring That Wasn't Actually A Red Herring seemed immediately obvious to me. But! I still enjoyed seeing it play out.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Hello! Welcome to my very first letterboxd movie review! I hope you enjoy this. Are you enjoying it yet? Good. Great. Awesome. Anyways, this is a perfect film, 10/10, would watch for the 60th time again. This review should be better, but I'm feeling lazy and like, I'm going to need a SOLID 2-3 hours to fully articulate just how dreamy this film is. I'm sure you understand. Xoxo.

    Am I using this right?