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  • Upgrade



    absolute gorefest that warns of a future riddled in tech like self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and human augmentation (obviously).

    i’m still uncertain about how i feel towards Upgrade. it had a decent plot overall and it went above my expectations.

    We can rebuild him, we have the technology.

    - The Six Million Dollar Man 


  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople


    Hunt For the Wilderpeople is essentially Pixar’s Up minus the talking dogs and the balloon house (no joke, there’s even an extinct bird detail)

    i really love this movie and it deserves all the love it gets. It’s absurd, whimsical, and everything i’d expect from taika waititi

    i’m very inclined to giving it 5 stars, but i dunno yet

    provisional 9.5/10

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  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    I, Tonya is a fantastic movie that moves past the traditional notions of graceful figure skaters into the life of Tonya Harding. Here, we see a character, well played by Margot Robbie, who went through life with many odds stacked against her, and the development of how this plays out for her in the end is fulfilling.

    The format of the movie is partially in the style of an interview-documentary that alternates with live scenes. Creative camera angles, toned down…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    it’s your regular avengers movie, but with more tears

    there’s a lot of dumb shit happening about in this movie, although i absolutely love the cgi in this. i’d recommend that everyone who’s even slightly caught up with the mcu should try to watch this asap. probably my favorite thing about this film are the theories around it, but infinity war isn’t the best and could’ve had a much better plot.

    this is my second viewing of infinity war, but moviepass doesn’t like second viewings :(