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  • Halloween



    THIS is Halloween! after 40 years we finally a worthy companion piece to the original classic. Every scene with Michael Myers has a genuine presence and weight. Jamie Lee Curtis is phenomenal and a total bad ass. The kills are brutal and bloody, the score is one of the years best, and David Gordon Green did a great job as director. Him and Danny McBride(of all people) understand what makes the source material resonate with fans and audiences.

    The film…

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Feels like it's three hours long. A vapid vanity project that will surly gather awards and album sales as intended. Lady Gaga is honestly pretty good in this and Bradley Cooper is doing his thing.

    At first a famous musician discovers talent, they fall in love, things happen and then it turns into a competition of who can be the most teary. Sure to be a crowd pleaser but i was never really that invested in any of the drama presented.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    it's such a long way down. i was glued to my TV while watching Good Time. very well paced film about a criminal who keeps digging himself into a deeper hole while trying to get his brother out of an infamous New York jail. i loved watching Connie utilize the city around him to get what he needs with no remorse. a colorful yet grimey crime thriller directed with energy and anxiety by the safdie brothers. robert pattison was amazing in this!


  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    A wonderful Coming-of-Age film that makes simple scenes and situations very engaging. Who knew that a scene of an eighth grade girl scrolling on her phone could be executed into a poignant scene?

    Elsie Fisher delivers a very natural performance with lots of subtle charm, she feels like a real teenager because well she is one. I think the best aspect of the film is that it's very innocent but also has an edge, which plays well to teens who…