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  • Martyrs



    Well it certainly has some effective scenes to say the least. Martyrs also showed me some things i had never seen before and i can always appreciate that despite how graphic and depraved. Acting is solid, especially Mylène Jampanoï who is the real stand out. But several times throughout Martyrs duration the film kept me wondering just where the heck is this going now? And not really in a good way. This is for hardcore horror fans only! any casual…

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    The cast is what makes I, Tonya work. i wasn't really that big on its presentation. I, Tonya is presented as a fictional documentary and sometimes the characters will talk directly to the camera. This presentation can work but its also played out, and honestly i didn't think it really elevated anything that much. To me this felt more like a crutch for the screenplay. But overall i did enjoy the film.

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  • Coco



    Loved it. This is exactly the type of animated movie i like to see from Pixar. It hits all the familiar beats that you could expect out of an animated film but the story is full of heart and unexpected twist and turns that elevates it to a complete experience.It's kind of like a cross between Back to the future and Spirited away. I slept on this film for quite some time and didn't really have any interest in seeing it but i am happy that i did. we need more of Coco and less Finding dory's and incredibles 2.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    it's such a long way down. i was glued to my TV while watching Good Time. very well paced film about a criminal who keeps digging himself into a deeper hole while trying to get his brother out of an infamous New York jail. i loved watching Connie utilize the city around him to get what he needs with no remorse. a colorful yet grimey crime thriller directed with energy and anxiety by the safdie brothers. robert pattison was amazing in this!