Halloween ★★★★★

The King of the Slasher film genre.

Why is Halloween a classic? By todays standards many would probably find it boring and slow or "not scary." Yet the film is still synonymous with the month of October and is one of the most recognizable and successful horror film franchises. I think i can sum up at least why i love this film in just one word. Simple.

Halloween has a very simple straight forward plot. Simple but extremely well executed camera work and lighting. A simple score and even the design of Michael Myers is very basic and simple. I think you get the point by now. Halloween never attempts anything else except to be a good horror movie. Because of it's approach From John Carpenter and his crew behind the scenes lightening in a bottle was captured on film and the landscape of American Horror cinema was changed forever.

It's best to view this movie as a classic and a product of its time. After all the film is now basically over 40 years old and isn't exactly the most contemporary film, but its story is still and will forever be timeless.

The film tells the story about an escaped mental patient Michael Myers who murdered his older sister on Halloween night as a child and is now returning to home town of Haddonfield to continue his reign of murder on the fateful holiday once again. On his tracks is his psychiatrist Sam Loomis who is hellbent on finding Myers as soon as possible knowing of the deep evil that lurks within him. Our other protagonist is Laurie Storde, a bookworm who quickly becomes the target of Myers as well as her friends. The films is very well paced and keeps the suspense flowing and never dies down with its sense of impending doom that will fall upon the night. The climax of the movie is legendary and solidifies Jamie Lee Curtis as one of the best scream queens in all of horror.

Michael Myers is an icon of the genre. He doesn't need any real motivation or fleshed out backstory, he's just evil and that's it. Who cares about why he murdered his sister? Even Loomis isn't sure why. For all i know it seems like Michael believes he has no real choice and to me i find that very unsettling.

To me Halloween is a movie that i'd recommended everyone to watch at least once in their lifetime and defiantly during October or better yet on Halloween night. Long live The Shape.

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