Chinatown ★★★★★

Backstabbing as a form of art.

A masterpiece. Visually striking - most prominently and often highlighted in terms of color but also with regards to editing, cinematography and set design. So many shots that make you go "Wow! Now that looks nice!" are rarely found in one movie. Definetly one of those to show someone you want to prove to how beautiful movies can be. How vivid, stunning and dazzling even a Film Noir is, when placed in the right hands.

In combination with this: A masterclass in storytelling. A script without a weak line. No line of dialogue feels unnecessary, no interaction out of place. Everything fits together and creates a world full of harsh guys, blood-botched dollar bills and agony dwelling in the canals.

LA never looked, sounded and felt more damned to its demise. A Babel, ready to collapse and entomb everyone under it. No mercy, no differences - only a tower of bricks, heated by the unforgetting sun, burning from the skies.

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