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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    Sundance 2018 film #6:

    I can't praise this movie enough. Beautiful, touching, harrowing, hilarious, every positive buzz word in the book. If this doesn't win many awards, I will be angry.

    Seriously, I hope this movie sweeps the Oscars next year.

    (Intro and Q&A w/director and lead actress.)

  • Colette



    Sundance 2018 film #5:

    Unfortunately so sloppy. There's the bones of a really good movie hidden under the garbage this movie piles on. The pacing is so fast that none of the characters get any sort of development other than "I love you" or "I no longer love you." Also, it's really obvious that straight men were the majority in creating this movie because a lot of the stuff is just so awkward and clumsy. Keira Knightley tries her hardest, but even she can't save this.

    The costumes were nice though.

    (No Intro or Q&A.)

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  • Weekend



    The top liked review for this movie says that this isn't a "gay" movie, that's it's universal, and honestly that's kind of insulting because fuck you!!! This is a gay movie!!! Like seriously fuck off!!!

  • The Exception

    The Exception


    What if some Nazis...were good guys? 

    -the fucking tool who made this movie