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  • The Trust

    The Trust


    I don't know how to describe this movie, mainly as I have no idea myself from actually having watched the movie. This movie stars Elijah Wood, playing Elijah wood as a cop and NICOLAS CAGE as someone who is also a cop. The reason I said someone is because NICOLAS CAGE's character is 1 of 2 characters at a given time he is either a cop who is calm and planned out or he is an insane cop who likes…

  • Blindspotting



    There wasn't a single second of this movie that I wasn't fully engaged and every scene brought me closer and closer into the movie. Just wow. If this movie doesn't get nominated for best picture I will be surprised, no if this movie doesn't win best picture I will be surprised. This movie is just... wow. The cinematography in this film is great with every shot being interesting, unique and always being used to help tell the story. The writing…

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  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    This movie is alright. Sure, the performances are amazing, mainly Gary Oldman as Churchhill, sure the cinematography is great and sure the writing is great for most of the movie and with all those things this makes this movie amazing right, right? Not really. The main thing with this movie is that it's just kind of boring through most of it. Like not much extremely entertaining happens, it's more like things just happen. This movie felt more like a really…

  • Venom


    Why did Tom Hardy sign onto this. Like Tom Hardy is a great actor but he got givin this script and decided to take it. Well maybe he liked the character and wanted to play him in a movie. If that's the case why is his performance s**t. I have liked every performance by Tom Hardy up until this point, but in this movie he doesn't even seem like he's trying. The only thing I can take away from this…