Cruella ★★★½

A great live action remake from Disney. Emma Stone was born to play this role, she was perfect, her performace was brilliant. Stone is one of them actresses that doesn't miss a beat. She added flare and oomph to the character, and you just want more. Thompson was brilliant as the villian, and I think she did a marvelous job as you really started to hate her character. Also the other cast members did a great job too.

The cinematography to this is gorgeous, very beautifully filmed. They really bring to life London in the 70s. The soundtrack is amazing, the music was perfect for what they were going for, and you feel yourself singing along. Now the wardrobe was gorgeous, loved how they infused the punk rock look into some of the designs. Stone really pulls these outfits off, she is so damn gorgeous in them.

Also I love how you see Estella go for her dream, and you see someone take a chance on her. Normally Disney films with female leads are all about Princesses waiting to be saved by their Prince. This was the opposite. It's nice that young girls can watch this, and see a strong female lead who stands on her own two feet. Enjoyed this immensely.

P.S imagine instead of the Baroness it's Miranda Priestly.

Recommend - yes yes yes

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