Eternals ★★★½

Marvel brings us an origin story with new characters, and they introduce them brilliantly. The biggest draw is the stellar cast, everyone is so pretty and talented. It doesn't matter if someone had the longest or shortest time on screen, everyone gave brilliant performances. Love the chemistry between certain characters. The film is very much about the characters, and what they have been through together, and the questions that they ask themselves.

The cinematography is beautiful, and if you've seen Zhao's previous film you'll know that she's great at highlighting the beauty of the location. The use of CGI was done really well, and the fight sequences were amazing to watch. Also I really appreciate Marvel giving us a deaf superhero, as they don't get enough representation. Many funny moments that try to keep the film lighthearted as it deals with a deep subject matter.

One issue I had with the film is the pacing, it was really slow and you start to feel the runtime. It should have been condensed down to make for a better viewing experience. I checked the time twice. However, Zhao has done a brilliant job and you can see her signature style on screen. Not the best Marvel film, but not the worst.

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