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  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadow of a Doubt


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Before I came to the conclusion that Shadow of a Doubt is indeed The Perfect Movie, Jack used to sit in the back of my mind as the single unexplained blemish. I try to read as many opinions about this film as I can and this seems to be a common gripe among moviegoing folks.

    The detective is so dry. Why does Charlie get involved with him? The romance makes no sense.

    Consider this - is their relationship even a…

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  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    This gets (barely) two stars as well as a slow clap for riffing on the "It was like lightning striking. It strikes rarely." scene from Spellbound when Amy Adams meets Julianne Moore for the first time.

  • Mainstream



    This almost seems to work when it's drawing directly from A Face in the Crowd (I legitimately would have not been surprised in the least if he had started singing about Vitajex in like three different scenes?) but all the other little plot points, characterizations, and greater script are so poorly constructed that everything just comes together as the most unsatisfying and predictable muddle of ideas ever...

    Every single actor in this film other than Andrew Garfield gives a performance I'd describe as being strictly passable. Even my guy Jason Schwartzman is miscast and sticks out like a sore thumb. Andrew is mesmerizing though.

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