Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

Sneeringly manages to weaponize humor, subversion, and a steadfast reluctance to forgive and forget while still weaving a complicated and multi-tiered story about the unseen realities men and women endure in society. In a candy-colored palette of pinks powdered with pop music perfection, Fennell's intoxicating blend of humor and terror propels the film on a cycle of personal and sensitive boundaries that are continuously shattered. It's almost too much at every turn, as rage, anger, and grief boil beneath each movement. But it's Carey Mulligan's performance that makes this something you can't look away from. She single-handedly supplies a reliable gravitational center while continuing to be both complex and utterly convincing. The tone swings in tandem with her character's psyche, convey, at times without words, how unpredictable the world can feel while someone is still grieving. Her performance is held together by a wide, long-limbed, genre-casual vitality. The fluid character of revenge itself is reflected in her visage, which shifts from serenity to horror and levity to devastation with the bat of an eye.

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