Cinderella ★★★★½

I am so thankful to have grown up with this film. Truly a remarkably diverse and empowering cast and story (thank you Whitney for singing about the silliness of just dreaming- let’s all go cease our own destinies).
Jason Alexander’s accent was confusing, but overall he was a consistent and charming butt of the jokes, so I’ll let it slide.
Maybe the Filipino prince and Brandy moved a bit fast but an hour and twenty five minute film doesn’t allow for much casual dating. And I will say, this feels like the most compatible pairing in traditional Cinderellas that I’ve seen- they both are really just trying to figure it out and may be face-blind(?).
Final note: Jason Alexander and the Prince could’ve cut down their search big time by just having the Black ladies try on the glass slipper... but that montage was golden (such fun socks) and race doesn’t exist, so it’s all good!