Funny Face ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

The prototype and far superior form of what I hear Emily in Paris is all about: fashion, romance, and Americans geeking out about Paris. But Funny Face really is so much more with impressive dance numbers spanning a wide range of contexts (ie fashion elites posing as Floridian philosophers) and styles (ie Hepburn’s super modern dance at the cafe ending with her planking on strangers). The ungodly age gap (39 years) between Astaire and Hepburn wasn’t nearly as icky as it could have been because Hepburn’s character is smart(?) or maybe because the film feels like a half assed spoof of Americans in Paris AND obnoxious existentialists(?) Despite my serious disappointment and confusion a few minutes into this film upon learning that Fred Astaire was not the “funny face,” this film was an enjoyable time and is a visually stunning watch.