Hannah and Her Sisters ★★★½

There are many ways (and one true way) to look at/analyze this film: the aesthetic and the dramatic. Aesthetically, the cinematography, blocking, production design and line deliveries/performances are stellar. From a dramatic standpoint I am inundated with thoughts of “oh god oh god Woody Allen is a creep,” “everyone sucks and Hannah deserves better” and “are we all Hannah if we are supposed to identify with her cause everyone else SUCKS, and if that is true then damn, that’s sad.” The plot lines absent (or seemingly absent since Allen’s character ultimately goes through his existential crisis just to validate his ex wife’s younger sister so he can “find love,” ie fuck enough to prove that he’s not sterile) of lust/romanticization of love are interesting enough and some two and three person scenes are crackling, but the one true way to look at this allows for a multi-frameworked perspective: this is an okay film created by a fucked up guy that can be watched and enjoyed/analyzed as a text rather than a validation of the creepy-af man’s code- so many amazingly talented and good people worked on this after all! Rip, creepy man and too-old Michael Caine... I preferred him infinity more in The Muppets.