Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

Tried to see the 7:30 showing of this but it was sold out, so I got tickets for the 9:00, which was also very nearly sold out. All that in mind, I’m stoked to see an original mid budget movie in such high demand! (I will say though that the cost of this is that since the movie was distributed by Lionsgate, it will not be available for digital viewing on Movies Anywhere, and Lionsgate, along with Paramount and MGM really need to get on their game in that regard.)

Anyway, this is a very fun movie! I mean, just a lot of fun! We were spoiled with Parasite as being the probably the funnest and most clever movie of the decade, but this is a solid second. Rian is great at what he does, and he understands the current social climate as well as cinematic history better than most filmmakers working today, and for that, I respect him. I was a little struck by the sheer small scale of Knives Out. We need to remind ourselves that not every movie is or should be an event film, and this is as good a film as any to do so. I guess I just wasn’t sure what I was expecting going from Star Wars to this, though all things considered, The Last Jedi is probably the smallest scale Star Wars movie there is. I also appreciate how this is a solid 2010s movie. Most of the best films of the decade are ether set in the past or are based on old IPs, so a film set in 2019, outwardly discussing 2019 issues, while still feeling wholly timeless is a treat.

So that’s a story! I liked this a lot and will watch it more times than probably most 2019 movies. Though probably not as much as Parasite. We really were spoiled with Parasite.

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